Welcome to our setting of the World of Darkness™ in Las Vegas, Nevada. Located within this site, you will find all kinds of information pertaining to our vision and setting of the chronicle (rooms, characters, miscellaneous). Please feel free to explore, and contact should you have an questions or even concerns.

With the conclusion of the Old World of Darkness series, and the creation of the New World of Darkness series in which most game settings have changed over to.. we have decided to go with the 20th Anniversary Edition World of Darkness. Below, you will find links to each gerne within the 20th Anniversary Edition series.. as well with our own "house" rules. At any point in time of the creation of your character that you get stuck or have a question.. please contact us.

Players assume the personas of vampires.. the immortal bloodsuckers of the horror genre and guide these characters through a world virtually identical to our own. But these aren't quite the vampires you might know from Dracula or Twilight. The vampires that exist now.. or Kindred, Cainites, as they commonly call themselves.. are both similar to and different from what we might expect. In many ways, vampires resemble the familiar monsters of myth.

As other books are released and we continue to progress with interest, they will obtain their appropirate places upon the Las Vegas: the Sinful City creation page. We highly recommend that you purchase the books, at least the PDF versions to have on hand for your own reference. We highly encourage you to check out DriveThru RPG to obtain any version of the World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Edition items.



 NOTICE: We're always looking for new personas. Please feel free to contact or submit a CS to an ST.

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